Fun Stairs

Due to a few snow days mid-week, I had the chance to switch up some of my home decor while in-between seasons. I am so excited to show you my latest find! 


I was so excited to put these decals on, I forgot to take a before picture. These steps are right in our entry way. Before the tile, we just had the back of the stairs painted white. As you know, white can get dirty really quick and also shows off every scuff mark. Endless magic erasers later, I decided I wanted to find a solution.

Decal faux tile stickers

I found these decals on Amazon  for $19.99 and were so easy to put on because they are peel and stick! They come with 6 strips and you can get them to the perfect size. Did I mention these were removable and washable?  These decals are perfect for those of you like me who are constantly changing their mind. With many various colors and patterns, you can easily switch them up without any residue. Or keep them up, they are durable for 5 years! For these exact decals, Click Here! 

3 thoughts on “Fun Stairs

  1. LOVE this!!!💗

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  2. Makes me wish I had stairs!! Love this idea!!

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