Painted Holiday Decor Logs

For this project, I used logs found in our yard and White Waverly Chalk Paint. I used very thin coats of the white because I like to still allow it to have the natural texture of the log show through. I love the look of white logs stacked up together or in some type of basket, especially for the winter Holiday season. Of course I could’ve just bought some birch logs online, but I like to use materials around the house that I already have to create my vision. Below I posted a video on how I painted them along with how I used them in our home.


Here I added my painted logs into this basket I found at Homegoods last year along with a mini tree, some mini lights, and a few ornaments. However, these would also look great in an unused fire place with mini fairy lights as well! Any color paint is obviously a preference should you decide to make these yourself. Most craft paints would do the job just as well, however, thicker based paints will block more of the natural wood from shining through.


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