Polka-dots and Stripes

If you haven’t already, download the Pinterest App.  Pinterest is awesome, especially when you’re stumped on ideas or are looking for your next DIY project. Usually, I will pin some of my favorite home decor inspiration and will try to find similar decor to create the look -using my own personal touch all while maintaining a budget. I always keep my app on my phone handy for when I am in stores like Homegoods and Tjmaxx so I can view my pins while browsing the home sections to see if I can find similar things to create the look. One of my favorite online sites to find my home decor is Hobby Lobby. They have incredibly amazing deals and often have exactly what I am looking for. They also provide weekly ad’s to remain within your budget! To get an idea, Click the link: Hobby Lobby.

My home decor style is a little bit of everything. I’m a huge fan of the popular farmhouse home, but I still love to add a little sparkle and edginess. I love pairing pastels with silvers, golds, and my latest obsession, copper. I also love to mix-match patterns to add some uniqueness to the home.


I tend to get bored with things easily and always like to change things up. Keeping the furniture and wall color neutral is key for people like me. Using accessories and different accent pieces can always change the look of the room. (Especially, if you’re like me and decorate for each holiday). I do add some pops of color through my refurbished furniture pieces, however. One of my favorite colors is teal. We started off by refurbishing an old coffee table and painting it a sea-foam color. Our house came with a built in corner hutch which I at first, wanted to get rid of. With some fresh paint (same as the coffee table) and some knobs, I quickly changed my mind.

Sea-foam refurbished Coffee Table. Stripes and Polka-Dot patterns. Stars and Stripes throw, Journal, and polka-dot pillows found at Homegoods.
DIY dining room table and sea-foam corner hutch. Pom-pom table runner $12.99 and faux plant  $7.99 found at Homegoods.


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