Out with the Old, in with the New


When we first moved into our home, we didn’t have much furniture other than the few pieces we had combined from both of our apartments. We decided to refurbish the furniture we did have to save some money. Some furniture was passed along to us from family who no longer had use for it, and for that we were more than grateful.

After hours spend on sanding our coffee table, I figured there had to be an easier process. I found some information on chalk paint, and from here on out will not use anything but chalk paint to refurbish furniture. The benefits of chalk paint: NO SANDING REQUIRED and it dries really fast. The brand I suggest is called Waverly, and can be found on Walmart.com.

Although suggested, I don’t use a chalk paint brush. I’ve found any simple paint brush does work, however, cheaper paint brushes tend to shed. Chalk paint goes on very thin, and if you’re into the more rustic look, 1-2 coats of chalk paint is a perfect start. For this piece I did two coats of the White Acrylic paint- Matte Finish. For the polka dots, I used a round sponge paint brush which came in a variety pack of sizes from Walmart in the crafting section. I used the color “Chrystal” chalk paint for the polka dots and only did one coat each. For the drawers I used some left over paint we had painted our guest bedroom with. There is a Waverly gloss that can be put over the piece to protect it from chips (I highly recommend!) To see this look from start to finish check out the pictures below. Don’t be afraid to get crafty!

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