DIY Dollar Store Pumpkins

Want to create your fall home decor look without breaking the bank? I wanted to be able to have pumpkins to decorate my home with, but I knew I didn’t want just ordinary pumpkins. I found the pumpkins at our local Dollar tree. To create these them, I used gold spray paint (I suggest Rust-Oleum Metallic). I used some gold glitter that we had at the house from a previous project, and different colors of paint. For this project I used Apple Barrel Acrylic paint, which can be found in the craft section of your local Walmart or any craft store. The stems pop right out of the pumpkins if you chose to change the color of them. I spray painted mine and added gold glitter while they were still wet. The best part about these DIY pumpkins is that you can keep them for future Fall decor.  Below, I listed the colors I used to create my pumpkins, but obviously you can use whatever colors best fit your style! Enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Store Pumpkins

  1. Oh man and I bought all mine at Wayfair. See I told you I need you.


    1. Aww! Thank you, anytime! I’d love to


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